I am Bethany, I'm 25 and I'm a fantastic sensual masseuse living in Melbourne. I have Japanese heritage but was born in Australia. I've studied a number of types of massage and I now do my own sensual version - kind of like a combination. I do sessions in lingerie.


In my sessions, upon your text message that you have arrived. I let you in and answer the door in lingerie. We share a drink (if you like) and then we head to my massage set up. Candles, incense and soft music help you relax, and then I let my hands do the walking. I caress your naked body to pure delight.


I do massages for men and women - all that I ask is that you shower before coming. The more I enjoy myself, the more YOU enjoy yourself :) Please be a gentleman at all times - I can be bad, if you can be good. If I'm coming to your place, please give me clear instructions and ensure we will not be interrupted.

What Are The Benefits Of Massage?


When you're massaged, your body and mind calm and relax. This results in a drop in cortisol, the stress hormone responsible for many problems in the body.

Improve Circulation

A massage gets that blood going. And our blood is obviously the life-force of our body. With improved blood flow, oxygen gets to everywhere.

Improved Posture

When we stand correctly, we face the world correctly. Massage improves your overall posture by loosening your muscles and enhancing your mood.

So what else?

I'm studying psychology part-time here in Melbourne, I actually ride horses and I enjoy time at the beach :) I've given sensual massages to everyone from 19 year old students to wealthy property moguls. So if it's your first time, don't worry, I will be friendly and accommodating. Most people that I work with return regularly, so I must be doing something right!